The Zombie Shark

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The Zombie Shark is currently the latest Tier !! Shark and also the latest Shark added in Hungry Shark World. He was a part of the Update 1.6.0, along with the Witch Accessory Set, as a Halloween-themed Update.


To unlock Zombie shark requires the purchase of both the Killer Whale and Dunkleosteus and costs 1,500 gems. Once both sharks have reached max level its cost is 600,000 gold.


The Zombie Shark is a Tier !! Shark that was added in Hungry Shark World, it is the same as the Megalodon, only blue-ish color wise, has white glowing eyes and has several injuries, scars, and cuts throughout it's body, notably the huge open wound near it's tail, where it's backbone can be seen.

The Zombie Shark has the ability to zombify the first 3 Enemy Sharks bitten. Once bitten, that enemy shark will start to eat every prey it can see nearby, however the zombified shark will lasts for 60 seconds, after that, the latter will explode to death. Once a zombie has died, another can be created

Pros and Cons: Because of its ability to zombify other sharks, it's quite a nightmare to deal with. Plus, it can eat almost everything the game throws at it. It's hard to get, but if you do, you're in for a bloodbath.

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