Named after the west wind of the ocean, he's just as likely to eat you as blow you away. ~In-game description 


The price for this Special Companion is 900 Gems, which is the same price as Alan Junior and Baby King Shark.


This Baby Shark doubles the boost of its wielder, which is very effective when entering late game. This also makes it a necessity to catch Turtles as it will restore full boost. It can also be equipped alongside standard baby sharks just like the Santa Baby & Lava Baby.

Baby Sharks In Hungry Shark:Evolution [Edit]
Standard Babies

Reef*Mako*Hammerhead*Tiger*Great White*Megalodon*Big Daddy*Mr. Snappy*Alan Destroyer of Worlds

Special Babies
Astronaut Baby*Clown Baby*Ice Baby*King Baby*Lava Baby*Robo Baby*Santa Baby*Zephyr Baby

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