Volcanic jets are underwater volcanoes that shoot lava. In Hungry Shark World they shoot steam like in real life. When you touch them, your shark gets burnt. A lava baby making Mr. Snappy immune to the volcanic jets. wghen touching a volcanic jet, your shark can't eat for a while.
name: Volcanic


reward: unknown

Volcanic jets are found in the tunnel of death and on your way to the crab lair.


The only countermeasure to the Volcanic Jets is Lava Baby.


So far no shark can eat volcanic jets (like toxic waste barrels) However, you can wait a few seconds, and the jets will burn out.

Hungry Shark World

Volcanic jets come back in Hungry Shark World. This time they shoot steam. They appear inside the Volcano and seem to stay active for a shorter time.

Locations In Hungry Shark:Evolution [Edit]
Main Map

Crab Lair*Space*Kempy Cave*Western Sea*Death Tunnel*Skull Island*Angler Nest

Arctic Land
Early Christmas Version

Alien Planet

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