The Village is a location in Hungry Shark World that is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. As the name suggests, it is home to Villagers and Villager Spearthrowers. Because of the spearthrowers that live in the village, getting to the other side of the island may be difficult due to the heavy damage dealt by Villager Spearthrowers. Underneath the island is a pile of junk.

Entities and Items


  • The spearerthrowers in the village are all masculine while all of the villagers are feminine. You can tell by the way they scream when you eat them. (No Blood Mode can't be on if you wanna hear their screams)
  • The reason why there is a pile of garbage underneath the Village could be because the people who live there throw it into the ocean.
  • The Village is called Beaver's Belly. This is a reference to the youtuber TheGamingBeaver who plays the Hungry Shark franchise.
IMG 3662

The garbage pile underneath the Village.

IMG 3661

A Bull Shark on a sheet of ice right next to the right side of the Village. Notice the Beaver's Belly sign.