"Discover the sea life thriving in this bustling City centre"

- In game-description

The South China Sea is the fourth and final location in Hungry Shark World.

Entities and Items

  • Saltwater Crocodile (exclusive)
  • Evil Whale Shark (exclusive)
  • Giant Jellyfish (exclusive)
  • Kings Jellie ( exclusive)
  • Deep sea sub
  • Single man sub
  • Gem fish
  • Gem bird
  • Electric Eel (exclusive)
  • Moray Eel (exclusive)
  • Tropical fish
  • Evil tiger shark
  • Enemy megalodon
  • Enemy big momma (Dunkleosteus) (exclusive)
  • Enemy atomic shark ( exclusive)
  • Military drone ( exclusive)
  • Delivery drone
  • Angler fish
  • Squid
  • Ultra mines
  • Military helicopter
  • Gutwell helicopter
  • Pink jelly fish
  • Police man
  • Police boat ( exclusive)
  • Red-Crowned Cranes (Exclusive)


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