The Snowman is an enemy found in the Christmas Wonderland, and the arctic land portal .


When your shark is far, it will not move giving the impression to be only a decoration. But, when the player gets near, it will start looking around. if the shark stays under the ice, it will not do anything, but if it enters in his range, the snowman will start shooting him snowballs at the same speed of a harpoon man, but the snowballs will freeze the shark, making it slower, and increasing his health decrease rate for afew , instead of damaging it; for; unless you are using Santa Baby, you'll be immune to the Snowman's attacks, taking only a little damage. Sometimes, it yields a Gem, and coins.

It is easiest to eat when on land for a while.


  • When he's not active, it cannot be sucked in by the Shark Vortex.
  • It is probably the most dangerous enemy in the Christmas Wonderland along with the Bad Santa. In the arctic land portal, it is the probably most dangerous enemy with the helicopter and ice shark
  • There is a glich snowmen cannot be eaten.

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