"A big appetite in a bite sized package." ~in-game description
Snappy Junior icon

Snappy Junior is the baby equivalent of Mr. Snappy .


This companion costs 300 Gems , making it the second most expensive item in the game, along with Little Daddy. As with almost any other shark babies, with the exception of the Lava Baby, Reef Baby, Electro Baby and Baby Mako, Snappy Jr. cannot be bought with coins.


Assigning Snappy Junior to the corresponding shark (Mr. Snappy) decreases 35% Stamina drain.

This means that it greatly reduces the health drain of its parent. It's more powerful than most of normal sharks. Snappy Junior can also eat Megalodons.

Like any other standard babies that reduces the health drain of respective sharks, having a Snappy Jr. lets you have a longer playing time, thus this also allows you to finish "Sole Survivor" easier, even without spending at least a gem for continues.


  • For some reason, Snappy Junior costs less than Little Daddy and the Baby Megalodon. This is probably to make the game easier, as it would start to getting annoying to have to pay another 900 gems just for another baby all the time.

Update: Snappy Jr cost the same as Little Daddy and Baby Megalodon. On certain times, it is possible to have 50% discount on baby sharks.

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