Shark Man Snack is a Mission for the Big Daddy in Hungry Shark Evolution which rewards 4500 coins if you "EAT 10 SHARK MEN ". It is the only mission concerning Shark Men in the game sofar, and it is one of the many missions Big Daddy has that take place close to the surface.

If you stop and think, Shark Man will escape!


Difficulties in completing this mission often arise because ot the fact that...

  • ...the shark men do not seem to appear very often.
  • ...Big Daddy's health bar runs down quickly.
  • ...the shark men escape very quickly.


Of course every indivdual player will have his or her own specific difficulties depending on their sharks, but it may help to remember that...

  • ...shark men have never been encountered underwater.
  • might consider using the jetpack just because that makes it easier to find enough food at the surface. (i.e. pelicans , exotic birds , but also paragliders , helicopters , etc.)
  • might consider using accessories that add either "energy" or additiional time to the gold rush .
  • should use your gold rushes to look for the shark men, and lunge at helicopters and do the other "eating" to raise the health bar. (This may seem a bit strange at first, as usually you try to eat a lot during a gold rush.)
  • may have to "revive" with "continue?" to complete this mission without getting very frustrated. In any case, the cost of the maximum number of revivals (12 gems) is not much to pay considering you usually easily achieve more than that amount of gems just off "prey" you need to accomplish this mission!
  • ...the shark men that "get away" aren't worth following once they are off the screen - just swim away until the beach is offscreen and turn back, this counterintuitive phenomenon occurs because the shark men are so programmed that they always immediately return to their spawn location if they are not eaten.

"Replay-Logic": Rather than following it, you might be just as successful backing up and jumping again!

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