I've been thinking of doing this for a while now.

I am writing this probably-not-going-to-be-accepted request because I've been a pretty unique person because:

  • I've gotten many achievements such as a gem badge and a lot of gold badges. I am working for the platinum badge.
  • I'm pretty nice.
  • I don't bother to swear, but I will say stuff like crap sometimes, but not all the time. I might curse for fun though. After the promotion, I will completely stop on that.
  • I am proudly #4 on the rankings.
  • I am very active.
  • I usually like to help others.
  • I can deal with bad people like vandalizers and people who swear.
  • I can help stop vandalizing on this wiki.
  • I can help people get games like Hungry Shark World.
  • I can improve the community.
  • I can help alert people of news, like the worldwide release of HSW.
  • I will sometimes donate my time and money to others.
  • I am in the 10 user charts, and I have the most edits (excluding people with Wikia in their name) so far in there.
  • I have over 1,000 edits.

So if you accept, I would be very very happy. I would also be motivated to be a better person and help out others more and do less bad thingies.

If not, I wouldn't mind, but be the same guy as I am.

Have a great time and enjoy April,

~Hybridamareterraferus Shark

Thanks to all my supporters:Wizardlord160, Hungry Shark Evolution Helpline, Armorchompy, Bravebird29, Ideas6572, and Goatix (backup) ;). You guys rule!

False info: If you need help, contact me at, 1337 Sharky Hybrid Street, 690-666-133-H-SHARK-7, or Also contact me at my message wall.

Fact: Community Central has the worst admins and community.

I have been banned there for minor reasons, MINOR.

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