I am Killer predetor and I am applying for the rights for Moderator, Chat-Moderator and Rollback because of the following reasons :

  • It would be a big achievement for me
  • It is in my field of expertise and I believe I will have substantial experience with Moderator and Rollback.
  • I can fill in for admins (as most of them are partially or not active), even though I may not have the powers
  • I have a sufficent amount of edits
  • I do not spam or curse at all (well in wikia)
  • I am a reliable user
  • I can add templates and make some announcements and thus maintain the site.

I hope the committee considers my brief application (although I do hope this application is still sufficient for a review).


  • I just need a support from Baconman1234
  • I have the highest amount of edits for a no-group user
  • I have the 11th highest edit count in total.


Well, my request has been accepted, thank you to all who have voted.

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