Summoned from the depths of a fiery volcano, it can fly through the skies and its fiery breath burns all in its path.

Special Power: Dragon Breath, Flight and Meteor Storm!- In-game description

The Pyro Shark bears a possible facial resemblance of a Big Daddy , but shares some characteristics of the Tiger Shark  as it cannot eat mines or destroy boats by eating them like the Megalodon.
Pyro Shark Statistics

It needs a little luck to complete Rain of Fire (Pyro Shark the most difficult mission), once your shark spawn at the drop point, go left instead of right. For unknown reasons, you will get more chances for meteor to hit more enemies at once.

Once the gold rush is triggered, there are two things to keep in mind

If there are lots of fish in the area, just swim a few meters below the surface water (don't go too deep or there will be no meteor). You have to keep the surface level barely visible at the top of your screen and gently move left or right (don't go up or down drastically) until the gold rush stop. If you are lucky you get 6-8%.

If there is little or no fish during gold rush, just fly above the surface and keep going until you reach the area with lots of fish. And the meteor will hit birds as well which counts as enemies.

You have to identify which area that has lots of fish.

After 4 or 5 goldrush, you can fly to eat the moon or destroy one or two helicopters to trigger gold rush faster.


The Pyro Shark costs 180,000 coins or 900 gems.


The Pyro Shark is extremely powerful. Its "Dragon Breath" can set prey on fire for a while. Prey that is on fire will yield 2x points. Prey that is not eaten will burn out and disappear in a second or so. The range of the Dragon Breath increases with the sharks growth. The drawback with the Dragon Breath is it consumes lots of Boost Energy.

The Pyro Shark can fly similarly to the Robo Shark and sharks equipped with the jet pack accessory. Its Boost Energy is used when flying but uses less energy than its Dragon Breath.

The Meteor Storm is powerful as it causes molten rocks to drop from the sky and devastate almost anything that gets hit. It only triggers when the player enters Gold Rush & stops when Gold Rush Expires.

It has an extremely large health meter similar to that of either the Big Daddy, Mr. Snappy or even Alan, Destroyer of Worlds.


It has several different diets, it can eat anything up to a big daddy but it cannot destroy mines* or boats like the Tiger shark. (More info may be needed soon.)

(*mines cannot be eaten but they can be destroyed by the Pyro Sharks Dragon Breath.)

Enemy Counterpart

The Pyro Shark's enemy counterpart can be found near volcanic jets and will attack the shark with their dragon breath.

Pros & Cons


  • Large Health Bar.
  • Have more special abilities than Robo Shark (Pyro Shark has 3 special abilities).
  • Can Burn far away prey.
  • Can Fly (Slightly faster than Robo Shark).
  • Levels Up Rapidly.
  • Burning prey yields 2x Points.
  • Prey gets destroyed after prolonged burning.
  • Can Destroy Mines with Dragon Breath.
  • Powerful Meteor Storm in Gold Rush.
  • Swims faster than any special shark.
  • Has fire protection (Immune from Volcanic Jet and Meteor in Shawaii).


  • Large Boost Consumption on Dragon Breath.
  • Shorter boost than Robo Shark which means that it can't fly as far as Robo Shark.
  • Helpless on land when it doesn't fly (Running out of boost).
  • When Pyro Shark is fully grown, it tends to get stuck on narrow space.
  • Some missions are extremely difficult.
  • Flight is Hard to Control.
  • Expensive Price.
  • Growth is not saved
  • Quite difficult to gain Gold Rush
  • Gold Rush is shorter than other sharks.
  • Not versatile.
  • Extreme rapid health drain
  • Dragon Breath cannot burn enemy sharks
  • The explosion from mines harm the shark, even if the mine exploded by its Dragon Breath.


  • Any prey the Pyro Shark burns with the Dragon Breath will keep burning until they burn out & die, it still yields points even after burning out which can be useful for filling up the gold rush meter, and it also fills up the player's health bar.
  • If Pyro Shark got beached or stuck on land, it will become helpless and the boost meter doesn't replenish until it got back into the water making it very vulnerable to health drain due to beaching.
  • The Pyro Shark can still destroy submarines by boosting into them regardless of speed.
  • The Pyro Shark has three special abilities, the most any special shark has had in the game.
  • Using Dragon Breath while flying is advisable as it results in the same levels of Boost consumption as just flying.
  • For unknown reasons if you play with 'Tilt control ON' you have more control over flight,and your flight is limitless. Similar to the 'Robo Shark". 
  • It takes a huge amount of points to earn a gold rush while using the Pyro Shark.
  • The pelvic and anal fins are reversed in comparison to a real shark.
  • It's facial design looks very similar to Deathwing from World of Warcraft.
  • Despite the Megalodon being almost 4x the size of pyro shark he can't eat Pryo Shark's enemy counterpart.


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