Not to be confused with Baby sharks from Hungry Shark Evolution.

Pets in Hungry Shark World are the equivalent of the Baby sharks of Hungry Shark Evolution, just like in Evolution, the pets can help the shark eat more prey, and can give more scores. Some of them possess several abilities.

There are several pets in Hungry Shark World. Some are sharks, but others are not, they also give more points multiplier, depending on the selected pet.

The player's shark can carry up to 3 (maximum) pets with them, depending on their shark. L and XL tier sharks can carry 2 pets, while XXL and !! tier sharks can carry 3 pets at once.

List of pets

  1. Dave - A baby porbeagle, which has a playful and happy personality.He is the first pet in the game.
  2. Felix - A baby mako that has over and undersized body parts, but he is quick, and has an excited attitude. He looks nothing like the makos in the game.
  3. Cecil - He is a baby smooth hammerhead. He has a red eye, and a "toothy" expression.
  4. Kraken - The baby octopus's specialty is that he can eat all jellyfish. It is small, but powerful. It has a careless/serious expression.
  5. Anna - She is a baby beluga, and her specialty is increasing the health of your shark. She is one of the only female characters in the games (Besides Big Momma, a dunkleosteus that is a female version of Big Daddy) , and has a cute personality.
  6. Trevor- He is a baby snapping turtle, who's specialty is detonating all mines (Including the insta-death mines! ). He has an aggressive attitude.
  7. Will - This is a baby orca whale. He has a good multiplier, and can be used to eat shoals. He has a playful personality.
  8. Phil - A baby great white that is a great companion. He has an aggressive attitude.
  9. Max - A baby megalodon, who is extremely powerful. Like his name suggests, he is the most powerful and final baby. He has a playful yet aggressive personality.
  10. Logan - A baby Saw shark who has his own tournament, he will eat any garbage throughout it's path.
  11. Archie: A bald eagle who eats every prey on land.
  12. Super Steve: A bald eagle who has patriotic colors and is stronger than Archie.
  13. Eamonn: A baby saltwater crocodile who can go on land.
  14. Chip, a baby Robo-Shark that shoots a plasma beam killing things
  15. Snuffy a pet seal that grants you 2× points.
  16. Buddy, a good dog that warns you when enemies are close.
  17. Chris, a pet based off of the original Hungry Shark games.
  18. Colin the Colosuss, Same as Kraken.
  19. Nautilus, a toy submarine that shoot torpedos to divers and regular submarines.