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Shark Ideas

If you have a shark idea, post it here! What kind of shark? Anykind!

  1. Cyclops Shark. The legendary Cyclops Shark has one eye, but unbelievable strength and magic power. This is an idea for World. It will be an !! Shark that is a mutated Great White. It will only have one eye, but will have magical symbols on its dorsal fin, tail fin and other fins. It has very high strength and can break ice (Arcric Ocean), Bridge (Arabian Sea) and boats (South China Sea, Pacific Islands, Arabian Sea) without boosting. It's magical powers allow it to teleport to a selected place. It will randomly teleport to a new place once everything in an area is eaten. It has a 'Retreat' ability that immedietely teleports it to spawn area, which can be only used when chased by a torpedo (Submarine) or Missile (Army Chopper).
  2. Time Shark. This shark descends from an elite line of ancient Hourglass Makers that granted it the ability to time travel and even stop time! Its first ability is that ot can time travel. For example. You survive for 5 minutes. You can time travel back to say the third minute you survived and ask for help from your past counterpart. Second ability: stop time. The timer that shows how long you survive will stop. All prey, humans, fish, subs, copters everything stops, and you can eat.

Hungry Shark Evolution idea: Poison Shark

championwarhorse- I think it would be a great idea to add a shark named Poison Shark that shoots out poison from its mouth and will be able to shoot poisonous crates as well as eat lionfish and jellyfish. It will also be able to eat a Megalodon. This poison shark will have 350 health. This shark would have strong poison with strong poison spikes. Every time it eats something poisonous, it levels up. This beast would level rapidly.

  • Comment: Maybe the Poison Shark should be a Top Secret Lab Shark and growth is not saved. Comment by Ninjakai6478. THIS IS JUST A COMMENT!!!

Hungry Shark World idea: alien planet map, and new Shark ideas

==what i noticed is in HGW there's not a lot of maps. To fix that I think they should have an alien planet map. There was one similar to it in Hungry Shark evo, but I think they could bring it back better than ever. They should have your normal alien ocean with crazy alien creatures but they could also have floating bubbles of water above the ocean to swim into the air. And they should also have an secret area were the aliens can abduct on and you can swim in there ship. It would be amazing.

IMG 0197

So adding a new map would be cool but they need more sharks with different variety. So I'm gonna show some ideas for new sharks and sharks from HG evo they can bring back in HG world. First we will start with old sharks from evo.==


-- Moby Dick

this character was recently added to Hungry shark evo. but i think it would be great to have this legend be in hungry shark world soon. that way it can fight its nemesis, the colossal squid. maybe it can have a tale smack attack that can stun a group of fish or a big shark or whale.

now some new shark ideas that would be a great addition to the game.

Crystal Shark - Hungry Shark World Idea - King Kong Boss Battle ( 2005 or 2017)

Idea for HSW

Pet: Electric Eel- Its power will be that it can shock fish and stun them.

Shark: Leprechaun Shark- It will look like a leprechaun (Duh!) and will be added in a St. Paddy's Day update. It's power is to shoot rainbows at prey when boosting. Prey you hit turn into gold pots and fall. If you catch them, you get 2,000 coins for each pot. In Mega Rush, the Leprechaun Shark can spawn clovers that stick near you and give you Lucky Buffs. Examples are: Temporary Mine Immunity, Temporary King Jelly or Red Jelly Immunity, +300% Boost Speed, +30% Gold, Random Food Bonuses, and much more (More: Health Bonuses, Health Drain Decrease, Boost Refill Bonuses). The Leprechaun Shark requires collecting 150 Clovers and is from a new category: !!!, along with Assassin Shark, Alan 2.0, and Firework Shark. Oh, and Ghost Shark. It's Clovers also provide luck. Example: It almost runs into Death Mine, but immedietely teleports under. Luck Bonuses are permanet for the session once obtained. A more powerful version is activated in HUNGRY. Lucky Buffs' buffs are increased, and Clover Sharks (New pets) appear all over eating things. Luck Eggs can be found using this shark that permanetly increase stats for ALL sharks. If you find a rainbow, follow it to get 30,000 gold (15 Gold Pots). Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Shark: Leo (Liopleurodon)- This powerful shark was added to Evolution just a few days ago and should make a return, as an !!! Shark. All the same powers.

Pet: Clover Shark- It gives a ×4 multiplier and gives Lucky Buffs to the equipped shark.

Shark: Assasin Shark- It will be in a new class called !!!. It will look like a megalodon with a blue suit covering its body except eyes and flippers. It will have a very very high speed. Its special power is that when boosting it can go invisible as a trick by camoflaging with the ocean.

Boss: Elasmosaur- It will attack by wrapping its neck around you then biting. To fight it, you must boost into it's side. After hitting the side 10 times, it will be stunned and you can eat it. But it can dodge. You will need an XL shark to fight it.

Boss: Pirate Ship- I think it would be neat to have a Pirate Ship Boss. It can fire Pirate Cannons and will have Pirates that shoot guns. You can dodge the cannonballs and bullets. There will also be smaller boats around it with Pirates that have Cutlasses and will slash at your shark on it. To defeat it, you must Boost very hard and destroy ship. For a bigger thrill, you can eat the Pirate Captain and make the crew fight harder!

New Map: Atlantic Ocean- " A wide open ocean with tasty prey!" It will have a very wide map. You need atleast 3 !! tiered sharks to unlock it.

New Map: Nile River- " The longest river in the world…" You will need atleast 4 !! tiered sharks to unlock it. Some unique prey it would have are: Hippopotamus, Nile Crocodile (Bigger than regular croc), and Egyptians. Some places are: The Sphinx, The Great Pyramid etc… I think it would be neat. Maybe when you get Gold Rush or Mega Gold Rush, you can summon the powers of the gods. For example: Anubis, Osiris, Horus etc.

New Map: Amazon River- "A tropical paradise filled with lots of food!!" It would be in a rainforest with tons of new prey. There will be monkeys, parrots, jaguars, snakes, ants, pirahnas etc. This map would be extremely hard. There will also be hunters that throw spears at your shark.

Size Tier: !!!- These special sharks are the HSW equivalent to HSE's Top Secret Lab sharks. They will have special abilities. One of them is the Assassin Shark (See above).Three are listed below. And Leprechaun Shark. Maximum multiplier: ×108.

Boss: Alan, Destroyer of Worlds!!!- Alan will make an epic return to World as a Boss!! You know that dead Alan in the Arctic Ocean? Well, he should come alive when you go near so you can fight him!! I think it will be great.

Shark: Ghost Shark- Well, you get the idea. Same as Evo's Ghost Shark. !!! category Shark.

Shark: Alan 2.0- A stronger version of Alan returned to hunt down literally everything!!! !!! tiered Shark. It will have a very powerful Tail Whip that kills anything near it. Whips several time to kill large prey like Enemy !! Sharks. He has alien powers, and projectiles do less damage to him. He has a max speed of 423, making him the fastest shark. Alan 2.0 is basically a new and improved version of Alan, Destroyer of Worlds. He was taken back to his home planet and improvements were made. He is extremely powerful and has a new ability called "Frill". Activated when boosting, this causes Alan 2.0's frills to raise up and stuns prey infront of it by scaring them. Mega Rush causes the activation of his final ability, secret weapon, and most powerful skill. It is called "Destroyer of Worlds". It causes the background to turn into Evo's Alien Planet Dimension, and alien prey give more points than regular prey. It is his most powerful skill. If he is on ×108, then he is invincible thanks to Mega Rush, and prey give more poinsts, that means you can earn millions in 10 seconds flat. He zooms around eating, making him the perfect shark for a high score breaker or a shot at the World Record! Destroyer of Worlds also makes enemies become alien sharks, and also give more points. Another thing is that he can switch planets. If the view is boring, just enter a portal to go to another planet. Same prey, same points, but better background, allowing you to sit back, and enjoy the view.

Shark: Firework Shark- An !!! Shark that shoots fireworks while boosting. Fireworks hit prey and kill 'em. Smashed prey are worth 2× points. You need to collect 150 Firecrackers to unlock.

Special Shark Idea!

I'm thinking of something green, round and refreshing. Can you guess what it is? That's right, it's a watermelon! Why not add a Watermelon Shark? It should be the first in a new class of sharks called Special. It's ability is that it can survive well on land. It can also (After eating one) fire Watermelons (Also add this) that hit prey, then ricochet to another prey creature! This shark would be hard to get and extremely expensive! It should look like a green Hammerhead Shark with black stripes. If you don't agree, make another design. I think it would be a fresh (Hee Hee Hee) idea! It should be added on Watermelon Day. It would also make sense if eating an enemy Watermelon Shark gives you a health boost (Increases health bar) since watermelons are healthy. It would also have high health, since watermelons are durable. In other words, it would have all the qualities of a nice, fresh watermelon! It would probably be able to shoot watermelon seeds that stun prey. A special accolade it could have is "It's Watermelon Time!" or "Nice and Fresh!".

New Game Idea

Hungry Shark Planet

To me, it seems like the series (Starting with Evo) is a story. Evolution: The Sharks evolve. World: The Sharks start attacking the whole world. And… …Planet!! In this new game, your shark can access different PLANETS!!!!!. I think it would be an awesome addition to the series. It should have Sharks from the old Series. It will also have:

  • Alien Shark
  • Cyborg Shark
  • Armored Shark
  • Mine Shark
  • Lunar Shark*
  • Cosmos/Astro Shark*
  • Solar Shark*
  • Nebula Shark
  • Planetary Shark
  • Comet Shark
  • Meteor Shark
  • Space Snappy**
  • Black Hole Shark (Can suck things > mouth)
  • Orbit Shark
  • Mars Shark, Venus Shark, Jupiter Shark, Pluto Shark, you get the idea (Sharks of the 8 planets and Pluto the Dwarf Planet)

(*These Sharks have Greek & Latin Roots)

(**A Space version of Mr. Snappy)

New HSP Stuff

New Health-like thing: Dark Matter/Dark Health- After your shark dies, a black, shorter health bar will appear. It will have a slower drain though. This allows your Shark to keep going.

New Pet: Murk, the Crow- He is a dark, mysterious looking crow pet. He will fly and only activate once you have no health and are in Dark Matter mode. He will Restore DM +10%. He will also go faster when in Health Critical and/or Starving mode(s).

Lunar Festival: A fun event where people attack the moon with their sharks and compete for glorious rewards. These rewards will be mentioned below. During the event, the Gold Rush will be changed to Lunar Rush, which is also mentioned below.


Like I have mentioned before, this new game will have whole PLANETS to attack. They include:

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth (Duh!)
  • Moon**
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
  • Pluto***

(*Not a planet +* Event only)

(***Also not a planet. A dwarf planet.)

Lunar Festival

"Lunar festivities, lunar rewards, and even Lunar Rush is here! Compete for glory in the Lunar Festival, as you wreak havoc on the moon!"

~In-game description.

The Lunar Festival is a fun event, in which anyone can participate, no matter what shark you have. You will take your shark onto the moon and compete for the most "Lunar Points" earned. Lunar Points are earned the same as regular points.

Lunar Rush occurs every 30 seconds, regardless of what score you have, unlike regular Gold Rush. During Lunar Rush, every edible turns into moon shaped figures and you get 1k points anything you eat!

The rewards are:

  • Top 1% |Lunar Shark + 100 Gems + 40k Gold
  • Top 5% |Lunar Shark + 50 Gems + 20k Gold
  • Top 10% |Lunar Shark + 25 Gems + 10k Gold
  • Top 20% |10 Gems + 5k Gold
  • Top 50% |2,500 Gold + 5 Gems
  • Everyone|1k Gold + 1 Gem

The Lunar Festival will happen once every 3 months, meaning 4 times a year. The festival lasts a week. It will be the most re-ocurring event.

Lunar Shark

The Lunar Shark will be able to give you + 30% Boost Speed to all sharks and Fire a Lunar Beam from it's mouth that turns anything it hits into moon objects that you need to collect. The beam only activates during Gold Rush. You use the collected moon items to level up this exotic shark. You can use him in the next Lunar Festival for a Lunar Points bonus of + 30% Lunar Points!


  • Bold = Strong
  • Italic = Description
  • Underline = Ability (The Lunar Shark title is title but since it's only one…)
  • (*Star) = Note
  • > = Into
  • Bold + Underline = Title/Section

Ideas by Ninjakai6478

Orochi2000's ideas

Xenacanthus would be a great shark for HSW it was a prehistoric shark that swam the swamp waters i would think it would be in the medium shark or the !! Shark it would have a poison ability that will slowly kill its prey if its the medium shark Idea by Orochi2000

Ainsley Mallari's Ideas

Their are Almost New Ideas by First Friends!!!

Picture of Jeddah Tower

Fire City

Howling10's Ideas for Evo


An affagaffa would be in the top secret lab. It looks like a lemon shark with spikes and spots on its back. When the affagaffa boosts several circles will appear around it, trapping nearby prey. The circles move in towards the shark until they touch it, then affagaffa will eat the prey. He can fly too. Diet of Alan and boost of GW.


Place with a lot of land, and a lot of tasty people! The ocean only takes up half of this place, the rest is a large river winding through an island. Enemy affagaffas spawn most frequently here. There are also exclusive dragons that can be eaten by tiger and up. You have to hit their bellies to kill them but they guard it with all four legs and breathe fire every 5 seconds. Tiger to BD have to tear off the legs one at a time but mosa can tear off two every hit. Affagaffa and Alan break right through the legs and 1-shot the dragons.

Tondeknoi's Ideas for World and Evo

Tier XXL

  • Pteracuda: Half Barracuda Half Pteranodon!
  • Whalewolf: Half Wolf Half Killer Whale!
  • Giant Fish Alien:The Men in Black III Creatures!
  • Sharktopus: Half Shark Half Octopus!.
  • Dinoshark: Half Shark Half Dinosaur!
  • Piranhaconda: Half Snake Half Fish!
  • Kulev Serpent: Half Snake Half Crocodile/Aligator!
  • Razertooth Eel: Big Bad Killer Eel of Swarp!
  • Phaya Naga(Nakee, 2016 Thai CH3 Drama's): The Himmapan Serpent!

(New Tier Idea) Tier xxxL

  • Oxalaia Quilombenis -This Spinosauridae strikes back from Late
  • Cretaceous , Baryonyx Walkeri - This English dinosaur from Creatceous comes back ,

Tier !!

  • Himmapan Moray Eel: The Himmapan Giant Sea Crab's Rival!
  • Mega Piranha: Swarm of Big Bad Giant Fish!

(New Tier Idea) Tier Godzilla(GOJI)

  • 2014 Godzilla: The Colossal (Half EagleHalf Bears, Half Komodo dragons and Half Crocodile/Aligator) Kaiju of San Francisco!
  • Shin Godzilla: The Mutanted Demonic Destroyer Kajiu of Tokyo also Biggest Than 2014 Godzilla!

Baby Sharks

  • The Prehistoric Piranhas: The 100 of Deadly Sharp-teeth Fish of Amazon!
  • The Himmapan Mythical Fish
  • Kamata/Shinigama-kun: a Shin Godzilla's 2nd/3rd form!


  • Enemy Piranhaconda
  • Himmapan Giant Sea Crabs
  • Enemy Pteracuda
  • Enemy Whalewolf
  • Jellyfish/shark
  • Spongebob Squarepants Creatures:
  • Bunsen ( Monster version ), (Bunsen is Beast )
  • King Kong ( 2005 or 2017 )
  • Irys ( Gamera 3 : The Revenge of the Irys )


  • Amazon River
  • African Great Lakes
  • Bangweulu Swamps
  • Dophinairum, Aquarium and Zoo
  • Water Park
  • Pirate Bay/Lagoon
  • Gulf of Thailand
  • Waterfowl Lake, Showa Kinen Park
  • Oasis Lake
  • Lower-Upper Bay, New York-New Jersey, USA
  • Spongebob Squarepants Worlds:
    • Bikini Bottom
    • Rock Bottom (Spongebob Squarepants)
  • Himmapan
  • Paris , Monaco - (France )
  • Moscow , Volga river - (Russia)
  • Berlin , Rhine river - ( Germany ) ,
  • Rome , Venice - ( Italy ) ,
  • London- ( Big Brittany ) ,
  • Dubrovnik , Zadar , Split , Rijeka ,Šibenik ,Metković ( river Neretva )
  • Athens (Croatia) , Santorini , Crete , ( Greece )
  • Haunt the House : Terrortown ( museum , hospital and theathre and lots more )
  • Mesosoic Era : Triassic , Jurassic and Cretaceous
  • Cenozoic Era : Paleocene , Eocene , Oligocene , Miocene , Pliocene , Pleistocene
  • Shrek 2 World ( PS2) : Swamp and Far Far Away
  • Mall ( Despicable Me 2 )
  • MLP - Equestria
  • Amity Island ( Jaws )
  • Nigara Falls - Canada
  • Madrid - ( Spain )
  • Vukovar - ( Croatia )
  • Neum - ( Bosnia and Herzegovinia )
  • Belgrade - ( Serbia )
  • Tirana - ( Albania )
  • Zagreb and Osijek - ( Croatia )
  • Sarajevo - ( Bosnia and Herzegovinia )
  • Nome - ( Balto 1 , 2 , 3)
  • Cetinje
  • Podgorica - ( Montenegro )
  • Nicosia - ( Cyprus )
  • Instabul, Ankara - ( Turkey )
  • National Parks of Croatia


1. Dress up babies so you could get bonuses on what they eat ( but you'd have to buy certain items, like shark signals). Also, the king baby should get you a bonus of 50% gold for what it eats.

2. Another Standard Shark. I've been progressing really quickly. Soon, I'll have no more of the excitement of getting a new shark. The only "shark" I have left is Moby Dick.

3.  Secret places where only a certain type of shark can go. Tiger Sharks would have their own. So would Moby Dick. Each would have a reward that can be collected weekly, and the rewards keep getting better and better until the end of a month, The better the sharks, the better the rewards. Only GW & UP! ( I made this idea so you wouldn't completely stop using a shark after you max-level and max-upgrade it up outside of events)

4. A special shark that could heal from toxic barrels and do stunts with them, but unlike the Atomic Shark of Hungry Shark World, this shark could use toxic barrels infinitely and also make the max multiplier 16x for 20 seconds for each toxic barrel. It would be related to Mr. Snappy as the Pyro Shark is to Big Daddy. 

5. Let special sharks be able to have special shark babies. It makes sense for them to have no accessories but why not some sharks? 

6. A ghost baby. All the other speical sharks have their own baby versions, so why not? 

7. Add more stamina increasing items you can only unlock when getting Alan, Destroyer of Worlds ( Mr. Snappy or Big Daddy could work out as well).  

8. The next shark week, make a 75% discount for EVERY shark baby that costs 900 gems 

9. Make a shark baby that would let you get gems from gem yielding creatures 100% of the time. Because of how EASY this baby makes it to get gems, it would cost 1000 to 1250 gems, instead of the regular 900.


Holocaust Hotline- As a suggestion , i would honestly like to see the return of Moby Dick in HGW , it might be a stretch to do but it seems that most of the old sharks from HGE is now returning into HGW. It's just a mere suggestion but yeah , it would be nice to see the return of Moby Dick in HGW.

Hungry Shark World idea: Cthulhu boss

after the release of the first boss, The Colossal squid, it got me thinking what other bosses will they add if they do add any bosses so I took it upon myself to give one of my ideas for a hungry Shark battle, so I decided they should add H.P Lovecraft's monster Cthulhu. I think the setting of the boss could be near a volcano or down in a deep dark abyss were you have to use the anglers or the deep sea fishes light to your advantage. Maybe when you eat a certain fish you get lit up for a certain amount of time.

IMG 0193

Some attacks it could have is a Cthulhu screech, which stuns your Shark for about ten seconds leaving you vulnerable to the creature, or a fire ball launch which is precisely what it sounds like. To attack you use the angler fish to stun the creature with the light then eat it from the bottom up. You would need a large Shark to fight the Cthulhu. Now I know it might not be an addition to the game but if it was I think it would be an awesome edition.

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