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Ainsley Mallari's Ideas

Their are Almost New Ideas by First Friends!!!

Picture of Jeddah Tower

Fire City

Souk Tower

A Jeddah Tower on by Under Construction and Now!!!

Howling10's Ideas for Evo


An affagaffa would be in the top secret lab. It looks like a lemon shark with spikes and spots on its back. When the affagaffa boosts several circles will appear around it, trapping nearby prey. The circles move in towards the shark until they touch it, then affagaffa will eat the prey. He can fly too. Diet of Alan and boost of GW.


Place with a lot of land, and a lot of tasty people! The ocean only takes up half of this place, the rest is a large river winding through an island. Enemy affagaffas spawn most frequently here. There are also exclusive dragons that can be eaten by tiger and up. You have to hit their bellies to kill them but they guard it with all four legs and breathe fire every 5 seconds. Tiger to BD have to tear off the legs one at a time but mosa can tear off two every hit. Affagaffa and Alan break right through the legs and 1-shot the dragons.

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