The moon on a stick is a Sunken Treasure. It is a model of the moon with a stick speared through it. It is found on the most western southernmost inlet.


Treasure map 1-0

It's found in the left deepest parts of the ocean commonly called the Tunnel of Death, giving nearly all sharks pressure damage and volcanic jets can do some serious damage to the user's shark, too. It is guarded by a giant Enemy Big Daddy (previously Enemy Megalodon, and before that Evil Great White Shark and the Enemy Big Daddy might have help by Enemy Mr. Snappy and Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds)

Most people would advise coming in on a gold rush. You have to watch out, because if you're out of luck, you can be Enemy Big Daddy's snack, Enemy Mr. Snappy's snack, or Enemy Alan, destroyer of worlds because it can kill you with a single bite or at least half of your health bar (it depends on the shark you're using and how much health it has). Another reason why you should have a gold rush is because the Big Daddy isn't always alone, almost always there is also an Enemy Mr. Snappy assisting it, and sometimes there could even be an Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds or Enemy Pyro Shark. Howewer, also if it's a larger shark, this one will be slightly less dangerous than the other enemies because it is slower. The Enemy Big Daddy might not spawn right when the game starts (Just like Kempy Bass and the Giant Black Crab. With smaller sharks you can sneak past and make the Enemy Big Daddy unable to detect your shark. This is one of the hardest sunken treasures to get due to the Volcanic Jets and strong enemies.The Big Daddy is slow so you can go if you are quick enough. If you are one of the sharks that can eat everything like Alan, Destroyer of Worlds or Moby Dick, don't think you are safe upon entering, because you can attack for example the Enemy Big Daddy but then have the Enemy Mr. Snappy snap the life out of you.


  • This is one of the few places where a tiger shark can go below their depth limit.
  • If the Enemy Big Daddy is trying to kill you, you can use the boost to take this item and go away
  • This is one of the few areas within the Gulper Eel spawn location that doesn't contain gulper fish .
  • It also appears in Hungry Shark Part 1
  • This sunken treasure is the hardest to obtain in this game, because of the volcanic jets, limited food and high-end enemy sharks. This makes completing the megalodon quest "15 items" especially difficult, as the megalodon can run out of food or get killed by the enemy sharks before obtaining the item.
  • The moon on stick is guarded by an enemy big daddy, Mr Snappy, Alan, Destroyer of Worlds, volcanic jets and some times an enemy Pyro shark
  • The Moon on a Stick is always guarded with the Strongest Shark of the current version of the game.
    • When Hungry Shark Evolution first came out, it was guarded by an Evil Great White Shark. When Megalodon was added into the game, it was an Enemy Megalodon.
    • When Big Daddy was added into the game, it was an Enemy Big Daddy.
    • When Alan, Destroyer of Worlds came out an Enemy Mr. Snappy guarded alongside the Enemy Big Daddy. Now, it also has a chance of being guarded by an Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds or an Enemy Pyro Shark.
Hungry shark evolution, all 15 sunken (hidden) object locations found in one swim using Megalodon09:10

Hungry shark evolution, all 15 sunken (hidden) object locations found in one swim using Megalodon

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