One badass extinct shark.
— In-game description.
The Megalodon is the first (!!) shark to be unlocked in Hungry Shark World (The other four are orca the big momma the atomic shark and the zombie shark. )

. It will be available to be purchased by coins once the player purchases all three XXL sharks OR plays enough games to Unlock it.


  • Max level: 30

Max health: 431

Max speed: 399

Max Bite: 500

Max boost: 399

Pets equippable: 3

Size: 40-60 feet


250 000 coins OR 1,500 gems

You can unlock the Megalodon with Coins by achieving max level with 2 XXL Sharks

The Megalodon indirectly appears in every game, as Hungry Shark Trilogy and Hungry Shark: Night do not directly have Megalodon, but do have mega versions, similar to Megalodon, while Hungry Shark Evolution also has it. Megalodon looks similar to the great white, with a different color and much bigger. The Megalodon is currently the biggest shark in the game, but can get even bigger by getting all the Hungry Letters, a recent feature in the game, coming before the update that included force fields, new pets, and new mechanics.

Enemy Counterpart in HSW

A Enemy Counterpart is Founded on Many Locations:

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