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Megalodon is the last standard shark to be unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution. It has the most powerful Bite stat of all sharks, and has the most diverse diet of all the sharks. Unlocking Megalodon requires that you use the Great White Shark.


The Megalodon costs 50,000 coins or 900 gems.


Megalodon is arguably the most powerful shark, being able to eat everything except poisonous barrels and Mini Sub torpedoes. When Megalodon is purchased, all of its skills are maxed out (as it is quite expensive). Megalodon's extremely high Bite stat allows it to eat many creatures in under a second. Sometimes, Megalodon eats so quickly that it doesn't even close its mouth; it just leaves it open and lets food fly into it.

Megalodon shares the highest Boost stat with the Great White Shark. When a jet-pack is equipped, this makes it possible for these sharks to fly continuously if the boost is used in bursts. Combined with its awesome Speed stat, Megalodon is able to reach the bottom of the ocean in seconds. It can also leap extremely high into the air (more than 20 meters), letting it eat Paragliders with ease.

Megalodon is a massive shark. It can eat paragliders without having to leap out of the water. It can just lift its head out of the water and this will be enough to reach the paraglider.

Megalodon is great for earning gems, as it can jump high in the air, eating paragliders and harpoon boat men with ease (which sometimes yield gems). Megalodon can also bite fishing boats in half, which also sometimes yields gems.

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