Mayor Bobby Postcard

Mayor Hubert Bobby, also known as Uncle Bobby, is a minor character in the Hungry Shark Evolution universe. He is one of the few humans in the Hungry Shark Evolution universe that has a specified name. As his alias suggests, Mayor Bobby is the mayor of the location where the Hungry Shark Evolution setting is and owns a pizza food chain.


Besides being the Mayor, Mayor Bobby also owns a pizza chain. This was shown in the Hungry Shark Evolution Facebook page, where a box of pizza with the brand "Bobby's Pizza" on it, with the Mayor's face on it.

Bobby's Pizza


Mayor Bobby can be seen three times in the Hungry Shark Evolution universe:

  • On an in-game billboard which shows him declaring the beach "Safe To Swim".
    • This is probably suggested for humor, because Enemy Megalodons spawn in that area.
  • On the facebook page: a pizza box which has his name and picture on it
  • On the Facebook page: a postcard, Mayor Bobby is featured in an image captioned: "Wish you were here!" (referring to the beach of the Hungry Shark Evolution setting).
  • Mayor Bobby's full name was revealed to be Hubert Bobby in a Hungry Shark Evolution Facebook page post.

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