"Just like the Big Daddy. Only smaller..." - In game description


The Little Daddy is a companion in Hungry Shark Evolution which is the baby form of Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus). When equipped, it swims alongside your Big Daddy and eats prey, as well as giving extra 30% boost energy.

The Little Daddy is the third-most powerful baby shark, only bested by Snappy Junior and Alan Jr.

It is one of the 3 baby sharks whose name does not have the word "baby".

Obtaining the Little Daddy

The "Little Daddy" costs 300 gems to purchase.


The Little Daddy gives 30% Stamina (boost energy). While playing alongside the Little Daddy, he can eat everything that his parent can, with little to no trouble at all.


  • Little Daddy has the same cost as Snappy Junior. Both of them cost 300 gems each.
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