The Lava Shark is a possible new shark to be added to Hungry Shark Evolution and is a Top Secret Lab Shark renamed "Pyro shark" with the ability to shoot out chunks of lava, withstand the volcano vents and explosions underwater and leave a trail of fire particles as it swims possibly stunning anything swimming in line with the trail. It has a similar appearance to the Enemy Megalodon as seen in the Museum.


  • The size of the box that is currently in place seems small for the possible size of the shark .
  • The Lava Shark might have similarities with Big Daddy or Megalodon as the other lab sharks have with their standard counterparts.
  • The Lava Shark and Zephyr Shark might the only top secret lab sharks that have Baby counterparts besides the Ice Shark and Robo Shark.
  • The Lava Shark have a like-same counterpart is Pyro Shark.

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