The Laser Beam, also known as the Laser, is a special accessory introduced to Hungry Shark Evolution in the Shark Week update of 2013. It has the ability to stun prey.


The Laser Beam costs 75,000 coins or 50 missions to unlock. It can then be equipped by any shark in the 'Head Slot'.


When equipped, the Laser Beam automatically fires laser beams rapidly at prey (it will not fire beams at creatures your shark can't eat, such as jellyfish or submarines). This stuns the prey, paralyzing them and making them emit a red glow for a few seconds. If eaten while stunned, these prey yield double the amount of points than usual. It is usually don't hit your prey.

The Laser Beam is a useful accessory. It makes prey easier to catch and the points bonus helps trigger gold rushes a lot faster. 


  • Upon its release, the Laser Beam cost 95,000 coins.
  • At one point, it might cost 54,000 coins (this is a glitch).
  • Some people dislike the Laser Beam because of its appearance and the continous noise it makes.
  • The Laser Beam seems to be the loudest accesory.
  • The Laser Beam can't stun mini subs , the giant crab , jellyfish , or helicopters .
  • It has the same price as the Ice Shark.
  • It is almost useless with Mr. Snappy, because he is to fast to laser can succefully shoot at someone.


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