"Escaped from captivity, now he's out for revenge" -Ingame description

Killer Whale

The Killer Whale is a one of the Tier !! sharks. The Killer Whale can do tricks and starts out with 327 health and ends up with 414 health. He is the 4th best shark in the game.


It is red with strange white patterns unlike Enemy Killer whales.


  • The killer whale is the second playable creature in the series that is not a fish. The first would be Mr.Snappy which is a marine reptile.
  • Since it breathes air, the killer whale gains less damage outside water.
  • The killer whale can do tricks such as flips in the air and can jump high making it very effective for traveling on land
  • Its possible that its a hybrid of shark and killer whale created by Glutwell Works Company just like atomic shark.
  • It doesn't have a blowhole unlike it's real life counterpart
  • This is also the third playable creature that isn't a shark and the second creature that isn't a fish. The first Is Big Daddy/Big Momma and Mr.Snappy
  • The L sharks can eat it's enemy counterpart, despite it being a Tier (!!) shark

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