The Island of Heads is an area in Hungry Shark World Located at the left edge of the Pacific Islands. As the name suggests, It is an Island with Several tikis on it. This island is unique as it has grass and turtles on the surface.

Entities and Items

IMG 3660

A Smooth Hammerhead on the left side of the Island of heads.

  • Swimmers
  • Parrots
  • Small Turtles
  • Large Turtles
  • Dolphins
  • Shark Cages
  • Policemen
  • Add anything else you see near the Island of heads


IMG 3658

A Smooth Hammerhead on the right side of the Island of heads. Notice the girl humans mentioned in the trivia section and the shark cage boat nearby.

  • For whatever reason, most of the people on the island of heads are female. The only boys are policemen.
  • There is a volcano in the background next to the Island of heads. This volcano may be the same volcano you can enter a few meters away from the Island of Heads.

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