"Based on a creature rumoured to exist beneath the ice sheets of the moon Europa." - In game description.

The Ice Shark is a shark included in the Top Secret Lab. It is unlocked after the Electro Shark.The Ice Shark has a similar ability to the Electro Shark, but has some key differences. It precedes the Robo Shark.



The Ice Shark can be unlocked for 75,000 coins or 450 gems.


The Ice Shark is a highly powerful shark. Its "Super Freeze Breath" allows it to freeze its prey, encasing them in a frozen block of ice. Frozen prey are stunned for a period of time (until they are eaten) and contain double points when eaten. It also makes their prey's health deplete.The range of the Super Freeze Breath increases by a very small amount every time it levels up which can be more useful later on in-game, however like all lab sharks, its growth is not saved but it grows rapidly as described in the lab.

The Ice Shark has a life bar as great as the Great White Shark's life bar. This allows it to survive several bites from dangerous prey and last long games. It's diet, health, and boost bar are all similar to the Great White Shark except for its boost speed.

A major drawback of the Ice Shark is its inability to speed up while using its boost. This makes it hard for it to catch flying prey such as pelicans. However, pelicans can still be caught by its Super Freeze Breath (frozen prey sink). Unfortunately, the Ice Shark's icy breath's short range restricts it from catching Paragliders (Paragliders can be caught by the freeze breath but won't fall), and its inability to freeze Helicopters restricts it from catching them, too. Because of this, many players view the shark not worth its price even though players can freeze prey, it can be eaten by the Megalodon.

Icy Selfie!


It can eat every thing a Great White Shark eats, along with Enemy Megalodons and Jellyfish (Pink, Green, and Blue).

Enemy Counterpart

In the 2014 Christmas Update, an Enemy Ice Shark was added as part of the new Christmas-themed content. The Enemy Ice Shark can be found in Christmas Land and the Arctic Land. The Enemy Ice Shark seems to have the same appearance as the regular Ice Shark, which is not alike other enemy sharks which have slightly altered appearances to their regular counterparts.

The Enemy Ice Shark retains the special ability of the Ice Shark, that being the ability to breathe icy breath. The frost breath breathed by the Enemy Ice Shark will slow down your shark temporarily for a few seconds. The frost breath does not seem to deal any damage. It does not have a very long range either.

A new accessory released in the update, titled the Santa Baby, nullifies the Enemy Ice Shark's frost breath when equipped. The Santa Baby is a special baby shark. It can be equipped alongside another baby shark, effectively giving you two extra mouths in one game. The Santa Baby is extremely useful for nullifying the freezing effects of Ice Sharks and Snowmen.

Pros & Cons


  • Can freeze enemies a far distance away.
  • Large health bar.
  • Eating frozen meals gives you double points.
  • Levels up rapidly.
  • Rather slow health drain.
  • Fast speed when not using boost.


  • Can't jump high into the air.
  • Boost doesn't make Ice Shark swim faster.
  • Slow swimming speed
  • Due to its lack of boost, it is difficult to eat Paragliders, Giant Crabs, and other enemies that require boosting to be damaged or killed.
  • Expensive price.
  • Icy breath does not freeze the Helicopter, Mini Sub, and Giant Crab.


  • The Electro Shark is seen as the better of the first two Top-Secret Lab sharks, as it is commonly thought that it gives more value for money.
  • The Robo Shark and the Ice Shark both have enemy versions and the Enemy Robo Shark is found in Space, while the Ice Shark is found in the Arctic Land.
  • It has been discovered that the Ice Shark can deal damage normally to the Giant Crab, and break Mini Subs.
  • The Enemy Ice Shark is the first Top Secret Lab shark to be made an enemy shark.
  • If the Ice Shark freezes prey that can't be eaten by the itself (such as Enemy Alans, Enemy Snappies or Enemy Big Daddies, Seal Mom and Mines), then those creatures will remain frozen but won't be edible while frozen. Eventually they will unfreeze and become normal again.
  • You can find the Enemy Ice Shark by diving deep into the Arctic land, it is recommended not to go for it as a Tiger Shark or lower.
  • This shark has eyes similar to chameleons due to their eyes being on both sides of their heads and looking at a different direction.
  • Icesharkability

    The Ice Shark using its ice breath ability. Notice the frozen turtle and fish.

Mission Required Award
Ice, Ice, Baby Freeze 1,500 Enemies 2 Gems
Ice Em! Kill 600 Enemies 1 Gem
Ice And Fire Kill 2 Pyro Sharks 3 Gems
Tip Of The Iceberg! Get 10,000,000 Points 2 Gems
Winter Has Come! 5 Gems

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