• After Valentine update, enemy Moby Dick has joined the fun!

His left eye is blind and his head is full of scars, probably from wrecking ships!

Here is a link to the video:

Here are some photos of enemy Moby Dick.

Known spawn places are: the area above the Giant enemy Crab cave, the sea above the Kempy Cave, and the area beside the North Pole portal.

IMG 5840

Sometimes the enemy Moby Dick could be small, but it also can be huge! With Big Daddy or Alan, Destroyer of Worlds, it's easier to find enemy Moby Dick in those areas. When eating the Enemy Moby Dick, no matter under gold rush or not, the visual effect is a lot different from eating other enemy sharks. The enemy Moby Dick appears to be shredded to thousands of tiny pieces then disappear in the water. It deals an absurd amount of damage, capable of killing Snappy and lower, low level Alan and only maxed out Alan or Moby Dick itself can survive this attack. Like Enemy Big Daddy, when eaten, it does not give give a slow mo roar despite being the deadliest enemy in the game.

Spawn points

Near the Christmas Wonderland portal (most common)

Near Hammerhead Shark's drop point (Medium chance)

Close to Crab Lair (Rare)

Near the entrance to Kempy Bass (Ultra rare)

IMG 5825
IMG 5823