The Great Hammerhead is a shark in Hungry Shark World. It is a XL shark.

The Great Hammerhead shark costs 65,000 coins. The Great Hammerhead has the second most health in the XL Sharks category.

In-game description: "A sturdy and versatile shark"


The Great Hammerhead has thin fins and strange-looking eyes. He seems to have the same hump-back look as the Sand Shark.


Max Health:  224

Max Speed: 213

Max Bite: 330

Max Boost: 231

Starting bite:  232

Size: about 20 feet


  • The Great Hammerhead used to be similar in color to the Smooth Hammerhead, a light purple color. It's the only shark to undergo a color change.
  • The Great and Smooth Hammerhead as well as the Blacktip and Whitetip reef are the only sharks in-game with the same last names.

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