Glutwell Corp is a fictional company in Hungry Shark World. The company gets its profits in many ways. Their company's items can be found and advertised in all waters of the game. Listed down below is how Glutwell gets their profits.

Waste Management

Glutwell owns a Garbage Dump in the Pacific Islands. Unfortunately, the Garbage Dump is located in an unconvienent spot near the water. This means that the garbage falls into the water and pollutes it. This harms the ocean life and also mutates fish. If you jump high enough you can see a crate of Splum in the background.

IMG 3875

The sign that proves that the Garbage Dump is owned by Glutwell.

Food and Beverages

There are two food and beverages that are made by Glutwell.


Splum is a piece of penguin meat ( presumably emperor penguin meat, considering the fact that they are the species of penguins you can find in the game ) served with some pineapple. It is advertised in the Pacific Islands near the Swimming Pool and is also served at the Restaurant in the Arctic Ocean. Crates of it can be found throughout the Arctic Ocean.

IMG 3873

Splum as it is advertised in the Pacific Islands.

Crank! Nitro Juice

Not much is known about Crank! Nitro Juice other than the fact that it is advertised in the Pacific Islands near the Swimming Pool.

IMG 3874

Crank! Nitro Juice as it is advertised n the Pacific Islands.

IMG 3876

The Sign that proves that Glutwell owns the Military base.

Military Base

Glutwell runs a large Military Base in the Arctic Ocean. The Military Base is guarded by several military members, sometimes Attack drones and has mine infested waters.

Oil Extraction

There is an Oil Rig in the Arabian Sea. Industrial Workers work to drill the oil to make money. Just like the Garbage Dump, the Oil Rig is located in an unconvenient spot. To the left of the Oil Rig is a huge part of the Arabian Sea that is polluted.

IMG 3878

A container with the Glutwell icon on it on the Oil Rig.

Glutwell's website

Glutwell has its own website. The web address is The only thing on the website is the picture of the sunflower on all of the Glutwell advertisements and a video advertising splum.


  • The Shanty Town in the Arabian Sea seems to be against Glutwell. You can see graffiti of a red x over the Glutwell icon on one of the many slums. It is possibly because they live near the water and the water all around them is polluted, which is probably the doings of glutwell.
  • On the upgrades/pets/devices screen, there is a sign that says "Shop 24/7" with the Glutwell icon on it.
    Glutwell sign

    The sign on the shark customization screen


Shanty Town is Against Glutwell Corp

IMG 3872