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Hungry shark evolution, all 15 sunken (hidden) object locations found in one swim using Megalodon-141917291909:10

Hungry shark evolution, all 15 sunken (hidden) object locations found in one swim using Megalodon-1419172919

Musical Chairs XD
Ghetto Blaster
is one of the 15 sunken treasures. It is a digital radio.


It is one of the most difficult to reach, because it is located in the center of a beach, so, if you haven't got a Jetpack or a Skateboard you can only find it with the Great WhiteMegalodon, Big Daddy, Mr. Snappy, Alan, Moby Dick, Robo Shark and Pyro Shark.

There is nothing powerful guarding this sunken treasure. However, it's really hard to get without great white and up.


  • There is a glitch involving the Ghetto Blaster and the Treasure Map. The Ghetto Blaster sometimes remains on the Treasure Map even after it has been discovered and collected in a gameplay session. Normally, sunken treasures found in a gameplay session are wiped from the Treasure Map until the next game session begins.
  • There is a definition of Ghetto in the Urban Dictionary.
  • The Ghetto Blaster is not technically a sunken treasure, due to it being in the middle of a beach - above shore.
  • It was once known as the Boombox.

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