This is a guide for earning gems in Hungry Shark Evolution .


Like coins, gems are the collectibles in the game that have the most demand. They can be used to purchase things to make gameplay a whole lot easier, exciting or prolonged. However, they are super rare. This guide will show you some effective techniques that will ensure you have an adequate supply of gems on the go.

Method 1: Using Megalodon

Megalodon is truly the ultimate killing machine. Besides that, they are also great for providing gems because of their awesome capabilities and diverse diet. 

Gem Yield: Approximately 30 gems an hour.


  • Megalodon
  • Jetpack (optional)


1) Start a game with the Megalodon, and all the gear equipped.

2) Target all water craft and flying entities (i.e. small fishing boats, harpoon boats).

3) Destroy all of the water craft and flying entities USING BOOST and in ONE MOVEMENT. Robo sharks will always give one gem, biplanes, helicopters, small fishing boats, shark finning boats, paragliders, kings of summer and harpoon boats all have a small chance of giving a gem.

4) When there are none left, swim underwater and search for gem fish. Mini subs and diver cages also have a small chance of giving a gem.

5) After about 3 minutes, resurface.

6) Repeat steps 2-5.

This method's success varies based on chance. There is no telling as to how many gems you will earn before a game, but with a bit of luck one in a few targets will yield gems.

Method 2: Daily Bonus

This is one of the best ways to earn gems. Although it is tedious, it rewards tons of gems and has a 100% success rate.

Gem Yield: 60 gems per hour


  • Reef Shark or Megalodon
  • Airplane mode enabled on your device


1) Select the Reef Shark (or Megalodon).

2) Start a game with the Reef Shark.

3) Swim to the Daily Bonus chest.

4) Collect the Daily Bonus.

5) Exit the application, and go to Settings.

6) Set the date forward one day.

7) Start a game with the Reef Shark.

8) Swim to the Daily Bonus.

9) Collect the Daily Bonus.

10) Repeat this entire procedure over and over. Although it is tedious, every five days in-game you will receive five gems.

NOTE: Most players will consider this "cheating". If you want to achive a "legit" gameplay, this is not the way to go.

Method 3: Snappy Swimming

Have good gem yield, but amount yielded gems also depend on luck

Gem Yield: 60 gems per hour (average)


  • Mr. Snappy
  • Jetpack or/and Shark Vortex


1. Start a game with Mr.Snappy and Jetpack/Vortex.

2. Swim from one side to another and target: Helicopters, Ships, Tropical Birds, Parasailers and Shark Men.

3. If there is no more air and water craft swim underwater for 15 - 20s.

4. Repeat steps 2-3.

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