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Hungry Shark Evolution idea: Poison Shark

championwarhorse- I think it would be a great idea to add a shark named Poison Shark that shoots out poison from its mouth and will be able to shoot poisonous crates as well as eat lionfish and jellyfish. It will also be able to eat a Megalodon. This poison shark will have 350 health. This shark would have strong poison with strong poison spikes. Every time it eats something poisonous, it levels up. This beast would level rapidly.


Hungry Shark World idea: Cthulhu boss

after the release of the first boss, The Colossal squid, it got me thinking what other bosses will they add if they do add any bosses so I took it upon myself to give one of my ideas for a hungry Shark battle, so I decided they should add H.P Lovecraft's monster Cthulhu. I think the setting of the boss could be near a volcano or down in a deep dark abyss were you have to use the anglers or the deep sea fishes light to your advantage. Maybe when you eat a certain fish you get lit up for a certain amount of time.

IMG 0193

Some attacks it could have is a Cthulhu screech, which stuns your Shark for about ten seconds leaving you vulnerable to the creature, or a fire ball launch which is precisely what it sounds like. To attack you use the angler fish to stun the creature with the light then eat it from the bottom up. You would need a large Shark to fight the Cthulhu. Now I know it might not be an addition to the game but if it was I think it would be an awesome edition.


Hungry Shark World idea: alien planet map, and new Shark ideas

what i noticed is in HGW there's not a lot of maps. To fix that I think they should have an alien planet map. There was one similar to it in Hungry Shark evo, but I think they could bring it back better than ever. They should have your normal alien ocean with crazy alien creatures but they could also have floating bubbles of water above the ocean to swim into the air. And they should also have an secret area were the aliens can abduct on and you can swim in there ship. It would be amazing.

IMG 0197

So adding a new map would be cool but they need more sharks with different variety. So I'm gonna show some ideas for new sharks and sharks from HG evo they can bring back in HG world. First we will start with old sharks from evo.

Mrs. snappy (mosasaurus) -

in HG world they added the dunkleosteus's female counterpart, Big Momma so why not a female counterpart of Mr snappy, Mrs snappy. The mosasaurus was a classic in Hungry Shark evo so I think they should add it in Hungry Shark World. That would be cool.

IMG 0199

RoboShark3000 -

in HG evo they had a special class with a very helpful Shark called the robot Shark, I think HG World should bring it back as the RoboShark3000. It would be your normal man made Shark. In hungry Shark evo you boosted to fly, well I think the fly should be automatic when you hit the air and use the boost as a misleading launcher trigger. However they do it is fine I just think they should add it.

IMG 0195

Moby Dick -

this character was recently added to Hungry shark evo. but i think it would be great to have this legend be in hungry shark world soon. that way it can fight its nemesis, the colossal squid. maybe it can have a tale smack attack that can stun a group of fish or a big shark or whale.

now some new shark ideas that would be a great addition to the game.

Crystal Shark - Hungry Shark World Idea - King Kong Boss Battle ( 2005 or 2017)

Tondeknoi's ideas for hungry shark world

Tier XXL

  • Pteracuda: Half Barracuda Half Pteranodon!
  • Whalewolf: Half Wolf Half Killer Whale!
  • Giant Fish Alien:The Men in Black III Creatures!
  • Sharktopus: Half Shark Half Octopus!.
  • Dinoshark: Half Shark Half Dinosaur!
  • Piranhaconda: Half Snake Half Fish!
  • Kulev Serpent: Half Snake Half Crocodile/Aligator!
  • Razertooth Eel: Big Bad Killer Eel of Swarp!

( New Tier Idea ) Tier xxxL Oxalaia Quilombenis -This Spinosauridae stikes back from Late Cretaceous , Baryonyx Walkeri - This English dinosaur from Creatceous comes back ,

Tier !!

  • Himmapan Moray Eel: The Himmapan Giant Sea Crab's Rival!
  • Mega Piranha: Big Bad Giant Fish!
  • Zilla: The Giant Monster of the New York City!
  • Shin Godzilla: The Tokyo Demontic Kajiu and Bigger Than Legendary Godzilla!

Baby Sharks

  • The Prehistoric Piranhas: The 100 of Deadly Sharp-teeth Fish of Amazon!
  • The Himmapan Mythical Fish
  • Kamata-kun: a Shin Godzilla's 2nd form!
  • Shinigama-kun: a Shin Godzilla's 3rd form!


  • Enemy Piranhaconda
  • Himmapan Giant Sea Crabs
  • Enemy Pteracuda
  • Enemy Whalewolf

• Bunsen ( Monster version ), (Bunsen is Beast ) , • King Kong ( 2005 or 2017 ) , • Irys ( Gamera 3 : The Revenge of the Irys )


  • Amazon River
  • African Great Lakes
  • Bangweulu Swamps
  • Dophinairum, Aquarium and Zoo
  • Water Park
  • Pirate Bay/Lagoon
  • Gulf of Thailand
  • Waterfowl Lake, Showa Kinen Park
  • Oasis Lake
  • Lower-Upper Bay, New York-New Jersey, USA
  • Spongebob Squarepants Worlds:
    • Bikini Bottom
    • Rock Bottom (Spongebob Squarepants)
  • Himmapan • Paris , Monaco - (France ) • Moscow , Volga river - (Russia) , • Berlin , Rhine river - ( Germany ) , • Rome , Venice - ( Italy ) , • London- ( Big Brittany ) , •Dubrovnik , Zadar , Split , Rijeka ,Šibenik ,Metković ( river Neretva ) ,(Croatia) , • Athens , Santorini , Crete , ( Greece ) • Haunt the House : Terrortown ( museum , hospital and theathre and lots more ) , • Mesosoic Era : Triassic , Jurassic and Cretaceous , • Cenozoic Era : Paleocene , Eocene , Oligocene , Miocene , Pliocene , Pleistocene , • Shrek 2 World ( PS2) : Swamp and Far Far Away , • Mall ( Despicable Me 2 ) , • MLP - Equestria , • Amity Island ( Jaws ) , • Nigara Falls - Canada , • Madrid - ( Spain ) , • Vukovar - ( Croatia ), • Neum - ( Bosnia and Herzegovinia ) , • Belgrade - ( Serbia ) , • Tirana - ( Albania ) , • Zagreb and Osijek - ( Croatia ) ,• Sarajevo - ( Bosnia and Herzegovinia ) , Nome - ( Balto 1 , 2 , 3) ,• Cetinje , • Podgorica - ( Montenegro ), •Nicosia - ( Cyprus ) , • Instabul, Ankara - ( Turkey ) , • National Parks of Croatia

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