The Forcefield is an item in Hungry Shark World.


The Forcefields purpose is to decrease damage done by projectiles. The Forcefield has 4 types: 1.0,


2.0, 3.0, and 4.0.

You can upgrade the Forcefield for Coins. The Forcefield costs 2,500 coins at first. When the shark gets hit by a projectile or explosion, the Forcefield removes the damage from the shark but also gets damaged as well. The better the Forcefield, the stronger it is.


The Forcefield 1.0 costs 2,500 Coins.

The Forcefield 2.0 costs 5,000 Coins.

The Forcefield 3.0 costs 15,000 Coins.

The Forcefield 4.0 costs 75,000 Coins


  • There is a random pun in a recent update, stating: "Use the force......field." This is obviously a reference to Star Wars, with it's famous quote "Use the force."

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