The evil lemon Shark is a enemy shark that can only be eaten by lemon shark and above. It can be found at the medium Depth of water. They Are As Common As The Evil Reef Shark. Making It Have A Similar Rarity To Evil Reef Shark. If Encountered, It Will Lunge At Your Shark And Bite. The Evil Lemon Shark Is The Evil Counterpart Of The Playable Lemon Sharks. It Is The New 2nd Evil Counterpart In The Game. (Evil Hammerhead Now Being 3rd.) It Appears A Little Bit Damaged. As It Has A Stab Through Its Body. Some Shark Blood And Inside Its Body Can Be Seen Inside And Around The Stabbed Hole.


The Evil Lemon Shark Can Only Be Found In The Medium Depth Of Water. It Will Lunge At Your Shark And Bite. For Reef Shark The Screen Will Zoom Out. Warning You In Its Presence. Its The NEW Second Most Common Shark In The Game. (The Old Being Evil Hammerhead).


The Evil Lemon Shark Will Act Like All Evil Sharks. It Will Swim Fast At Your Shark And Bite.


  • Like All Evil Sharks, This Shark Appears Darker.
  • There Is A Glitch Where If The Player Finds A Evil Lemon Shark, It Will Be Mini Sub Sized. (Similar To The Megalodon Sized Evil Reef Shark.)
  • The Goblin Shark Is A Very Likley Candidate For Causing Such Damage Because Of Its Very Long Noes. Probably They Got In A Fight And The Goblin Shark Attempted To Stab The Evil Lemon Shark In The Body. Causing Serious Damage.

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