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A Enemy Moby Dick Version. It Was Released New Versions of Enemy on Expo 2017.

Fun tip: The Enemy Moby Dick sometimes appear small, about half the size as Alan, Destroyer Of Worlds. But if you are using any sharks other than Moby Dick , after you gained Gold Rush and come back to eat it, it will appear huge, which is the size of a full grown Moby Dick.

The enemy moby dick is the 7th enemy shark that does not apply a slow motion roar when being eaten.

The enemy moby dick applies a different animation when being eaten, it will be shredded to thousands of tiny pieces and huge amount of blood, then disappear in the ocean.

Danger Rating

A Danger Rating Was Extreme and Amazing 500 Damage Points to Instantly a -1 Health to Gain Gems By Big Daddy and Lower.

Enemy Moby Dick seems to deal no damage when it attacks.


The Following Location Have:

  • Just Left of Sunken Item Learning Tower of Pisa (Common)
  • Just Above The Crab Lair (Common)
  • Just Right of Space Portal (Uncommon)
  • In The Open Area Above The Kempy Cave (Common)
  • In the open area above the Angler Fish Cave (Extremely Rare)

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