Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds in gameplay.


Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds in the Alien Planet

Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds is the NPC counterpart of Alan, Destroyer of Worlds. It is currently the most powerful of all the enemy sharks, being able to almost kill a maxed out Megalodon and Lower in a single nip. and a Comparison to -1 Health in Great White Will Biting.

Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds resembles a normal Alan, Destroyer of Worlds, but with a grayish and purplish appearance. Its eyes and tail are colored in darker green than playable Alan.


Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds spawns in the alien planet in the new update. It can be found on the alien planet's deeper parts of the ocean. It can also be found in the regular map, near the location of the Toy Robot. It usually spawns alongside a submarine, an ultra mine, and two groups of tunas (with one group regular sized and one group small sized). This Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds usually takes at least five minutes or longer to spawn.

Another Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds has been discovered in the Western Sea within the proximity of the Wakaba, the Evil Great White Shark, the huge amounts of mines in the top part of the location, and the huge amounts of pink jellyfish in the lower part of the location. This Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds also requires a medium period of time to spawn and spawns right around the pink jellyfish.

At certain occasions, Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds spawn in the location of dartboards where Enemy Megalodon usually spawns along with Enemy Big Daddy sometimes.

On rare circumstances, Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds spawn in the location of Moon on a Stick alonside Enemy Mr Snappy and Enemy Big Daddy and on the Skull island (very west part of the map).

Danger Rating

A Danger Rating is an Extreme. It Has a 300 Damage Points to Instantly Kill a Fully Grown Great White Shark and Megalodon and Lower. Playing Great White, Megalodon, Pyro Shark, Ice Shark, Natasha The Narwhal, Electro Shark and Lower to Instantly Kill You.


Enemy alan destroyer of worlds


  • This enemy shark can only be eaten by Alan, Destroyer of Worlds and Moby Dick.
  • It's one of the two sharks that is not being shown in the Museum, the other being Enemy Mr. Snappy.
  • When eating it, the accolade is "Frill Kill".
  • In the Moby Dick update, it seems to spawn more frequently(in the regular world).

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