Echo (Ichythyosaur) is a shark in Hungry shark world which has a special ability to warn you about approaching hazards, mines, evil sharks and more. His size tier is large.

He has a INCREDIBLY high speed. Despite his stats saying he has a max speed of 252, he can go faster than the Great White Shark, Megalodon and Big Momma and almost the speed of Mr Snappy. He has a good amount of health. The annoying part about this shark is if you are deliberately approaching danger it will warn you and it can be hard to not pay attention to. This shark is the best in the large tier group but he can only be unlocked once you have all 3 large sharks and all of them full grown. He also has two other abilities: he survives out of water as long as in it, and he flips in the air, and jumps very high.

He is an Ophthalmosaurus, a type of marine reptile reaching lengths of 5 m (15 ft). Echo is albino, but has some yellow and pink, plus purple eyes. He has a bite on his tail (presumably due to a Blacktip). He is the fastest special shark. He can breathe on land, but does not go very fast on land (presumably due to the fact Ophthalmosaurus can’t lay eggs on land, or lay eggs in that matter, rather giving live birth in water, unlike other marine reptiles such as Pliosaurs and Mosasaurs).