Drago (Pliosaur) is a long necked predator in Hungry Shark World. It's an ancient predator with 4 special abilities; it can snap up food along its sides, Drago is able to breathe air, so there is no health drain, AND he can move quickly on land, something that only the Atomic Shark could do before Drago's release. However, he has one more ability they do not mention: he can spread his find out in-air and reduce his fall speed as long as you input a direction. This is the exact same effect of equipping the Aircraft Wings.

Drago vs Leo

Drago vs Leo

  • This is a common arguement going on, about which game has the better Pliosaur: World (Drago) vs Evo (Leo). Hungry Shark posted it on their facebook page, making the already raging arguement even more popular. Here are the traits of each shark, so you can decide for yourself (They also include Cons, not just Pros):


  • Bends neck
  • Survives on land
  • Good bite
  • Good land speed
  • Moderate health drain
  • Moderate speed
  • bendable neck makes it easy to acdidentily eat trash


  • Breaks rock
  • High health drain
  • Size of Alan


  • Winners haven't been announced yet, so it is unclear. A fair number of people went with Leo, but Drago is catching up. #TeamWorld or #TeamEvo!


  • It is the third playable in the game to not be a shark, the other two are killer whale (Killer Whale) and Big Momma (Dunkleosteus). The new shark to fall under this category is Echo (Icthyosaurus).
  • It has 3 special abilities.
  • His bite is extremely powerful for a shark of his size (XL).
    • He can eat Orcas and Enemy XL sharks (or smaller) in one bite, unlike other XL sharks.