Deep sea subs are subs that appear in Hungry Shark World. It is a rather large submarine that acts as a mini-boss. Unlike single man subs, deep sea subs have two torpedo launchers instead of one, red torpedoes instead of yellow ones, and take several hits to destroy instead of 1-2 for single man subs. They require a large shark to destroy.


A deep sea sub as it is seen on the missions screen


There are three locations in the Arctic Ocean and two locations in the South China Sea where deep sea subs can be found. They don't always spawn in these locations though.

How to defeat a deep sea sub

There are two ways to defeat a deep sea sub. The first method takes more effort than the second one. To defeat a deep sea sub, boost into the front. The glass will start to crack. To make this process easier, boost into the propeller to make the deep sea sub slower. Once you hit the front enough, the deep sea sub will be destroyed. Make sure to stay as close to it as possible as the deep sea sub will regenerate its parts when the shark is off-screen. The second method is easier to do and explain. Wait till your shark has collected all 6 hungry letters or wait until your mega gold rush bar is filled up. Once in mega gold rush or super size mode, boost into any part of the deep sea sub to destroy it. If your shark is strong enough you can push it into mines to destroy it. You have to be a large shark or over to be able to destroy the sub.The glow of the Sub acts like a forcefield, not allowing yoo to get multiple hits in a row and hurt your shark.


  • For whatever reason, the glow that the deep sea sub emits when it is damaged seems to change color over the updates. It was once red, but then it became light green, and the recent update changed it to blue.
  • There is an annoying where if the player's shark is caught on-sight by the Deep Sea Sub, it will attack the player, but after a short while it will turn back, when the player tries to destroy the front of the sub, the sub will try to block the player with its propeller. If the player goes off-screen and returns in the sub's location, the sub will be seen in the front of the player, attacking his/her shark.
  • The torpedoes of the deep sea sub seem to follow your shark for a short amount of time. 
  • The torpedoes can almost kill a fully leveled up black tipped reef shark in one hit.

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