A cold rush is the equivalent to a gold rush in Christmas Wonderland, a place in the 2014 update reached by eating an elf. It is in bold blue print, as shown below. It has the same features as a Gold Rush. If you are undergoing a gold rush when eating an elf, the gold rush will transform into a Cold Rush in Christmas Wonderland.

The special occurence that occurs during a Cold Rush, and sets it apart from a standard Gold Rush, is that all live prey will become encased in ice cubes, similar to what would happen if they were hit by frozen breath. All live prey will still yield coins in a Cold Rush, and even some inanimate objects like the various Christmas decorations will also reward coins.
220px-IMG 0080
Cold rush can also be obtained in the Arctic World, and it works the same.

The sign is blue for cold instead of golden for gold.

The cold rush is more useful, as it freezes all prey.

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