Cage Crusher is a mission assigned to the Big Daddy.

Shell Location

In the entry to the Angler Nest.

How to Complete

You must eat 30 Caged People to complete this mission. This mission is probably Moderate because Shark Cages are relatively common, although finding enough for 30 caged people can be difficult.


Simply swim along the top of the water, watching for Shark Cage ships (the will have a large crane on the back with the line dropped into the water, then descend to the cage. Small Shark Cages can be destroyed in one hit but Large Shark Cages take up to three hits and ones with Diver Spearguns inside can be potentially deadly. If the cage is successfully destroyed, three Divers is enough to fully recover; however, because of the difficulty in destroying large cages, some players might want to avoid ones with Diver Spearguns in them.


Upon completion you will receive 5,750 coins.

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