The Boss Battle Map is a map located in Hungry Shark World. The map seems to take place near the Pacific Islands. Hence the name, this is the map where you fight the Colossal Squid. You can exit the map like all other maps by dying or pressing the x button, but you'll also be forced to leave as soon as you kill the Colossal Squid.

Entities And Items


  • This is the only map that you can't play at all times. You can only play on this map during Colossal Squid events.
  • You can't see where you are on this map and you can't complete any missions.
  • This map has the least amount of exclusive entities, with the only one being the Colossal Squid.
  • You can only play on this map as a large shark or up, making this the only map that requires a certain size of shark or higher. You need a certain amount of sharks for other maps, but you can still play as every single shark in other maps.

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