Whale in arctic ocean.


Blue Whale on a game ad.

The Blue Whale is prey in Hungry Shark World.

Blue Whale

Blue Whales are prey in Hungry Shark World, they can mostly be found in moderately deeper areas, where the area is huge enough for them to swim. They are slow, calm, and harmless and it makes sounds almost like humming noises. The weaker whale is either a calf or a female and can be eaten in one bite by an !! Shark, a Great White Shark or a Whale Shark with a fully upgraded bite. Blue whales are only eaten by XXL sharks and up.


Blue Whales can be found on any map excluding the South China Sea. Blue Whales may or may not have a calf with them. The Blue Whale is extremely rare in the Arctic Ocean, even though it appears in every ocean of Hungry Shark World.

They spawn in deep, open waters.


  • These whales resemble as if they were |Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) and not Blue Whales.
  • It cannot escape the bite of a !! Shark or a fully upgraded bite of a Great White.
  • The creatures are 20- 100 feet

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