Biplanes can be found in space. They are aggressive and shoot bullets (some say lasers) at the player. It is hard to catch them, and the vortex has no effect on it.


How to Eat

Use a jetpack in order to eat these! (Pyro sharks and robo GWs can eat it without one)

No jetpack: You can either lure it, or fall on top of it. The falling strategy is to, get your shark on it and it will spin and shake your shark off. You will then crash into it again, making it explode. To lure it, find one, let it shoot at you, and try to land on shallow water. You will start seeing bubbles go through the water. Catch it by boosting to the plane. (Make sure you know all the turbine locations)


  • Planes keep shooting bullets at you even after leave space, sometimes skimming the water, plus, it seems like the shots can pass through rock.
  • They're are also called biplanes by the game's museum.
  • Eating a gold biplane will give you 300 coins.
  • They have a small chance of giving you a gem.

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