"Back to devour the ocean once again" -Ingame description

Big Momma (Dunkleosteus)

Big Momma is the second Tier !! Shark in Hungry Shark World. 

It's the slowest !! "Shark" as well as the second largest and most powerful !! "Shark" 

Unlike most other sharks, it can't be stunned by divers and other projectiles allowing it to keep going at a fast rate.  This could be because of the fact that Dunkleosteus had armor plating covering 1/3 of its body, it mostly covered it's head, big momma and big daddy have visible armor plating. She has the highest health in the game.

Cost in gems

1,500 gems OR 450,000 coins.


  • She is obviously a female version of Big Daddy.
  • Big Momma (and in this case Big Daddy) aren't actually sharks. Their species, Dunkleosteus terrelli is part of an extinct species of arthrodire placoderm fish that first appeared in the Late Devonian period 380 million years ago. The species went extinct 360 million years ago.

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