The Baby Reef Shark is the baby version of the Reef Shark. It is considered an accessory, and can aid players using the Reef Shark in the game. Whilst active, the Baby Reef Shark swims alongside the main shark (most of the time) and hunts down a small variety of marine prey.

Obtaining the Baby Reef Shark

To obtain the Baby Reef Shark, one must first select the regular Reef Shark, and go to the accessory shop. Then, a payment of 500 coins must be made, in order to unlock the baby shark.


The Baby Reef Shark swims alongside the Reef Shark being played as. However, when a certain creature in the game comes within range (only a specific variety of creatures, owing to the Baby Reef Shark's limited diet and capabilities), the Baby Reef Shark will attempt to attack it. If it is able to kill the creature, points will be awarded and health will be restored. However, if the Baby Reef Shark was to come across a creature it cannot kill, such as a turtle (due to their shells), it will still engage in combat with the creature but won't be able to inflict any damage, and will simply keep biting it but if you wait for a while baby reef shark will eat it


  • The Baby Reef Shark costs 500 coins.
  • Baby Reef Shark and Baby Mako Shark are the only baby sharks to be bought with coins.
  • This baby shark is less powerful than all other baby sharks.
  • Baby Reef Shark has got the smallest diet from all sharks.
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