Baby mako

The Baby Mako Shark is the baby version of the Mako Shark. It is considered as an accessory by many(as it can be equipped), and aids players using the Mako Shark in game. Whilst active, the Baby Mako Shark swims alongside the main Mako Shark (except under certain circumstances) and consumes a basic variety of creatures.

Obtaining the Baby Mako Shark

To obtain the Baby Mako Shark, one must first select the regular Mako Shark, and enter the accessory shop. Then, a payment of 1,000 Coins in order to unlock the baby shark.


The Baby Mako Shark swims alongside the Mako Shark being played as. However, when a creature from a limited variety of creatures (since the Baby Mako Shark's diet and capabilities are quite limited), the Baby Mako Shark will engage in combat with it. If it is able to kill the creature, Health will be restored and Points will be awarded. However, if the Baby Mako Shark was to encounter a creature it could not kill, it would still attempt to kill it with no success (by repeatedly biting and lunging at it).


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