Baby Hammerhead


The Baby Hammerhead Shark is the baby equivalent of the Hammerhead Shark. the Baby Hammerhead is a Companion that is relatively powerful compared to the Reef and Mako Baby Sharks but is greatly outclassed by the baby sharks that follow. The Baby Hammerhead Shark swims alongside the Playable Hammerhead Shark.

Obtaining the Baby Hammerhead Shark

The Baby Hammerhead Shark costs 20 gems & it can only be assigned to the Hammerhead Shark.


The Baby Hammerhead Shark swims alongside the Hammerhead Shark that is in play. It only disrupts this behaviour when prey comes along. In the event that this happens, the Baby Hammerhead Shark will engage in combat with it, regardless of whether or not the Baby Hammerhead Shark is actually able to consume it.

However, if the Baby Hammerhead Shark kills the prey it can consume, health will be restored to the meter, and points will be awarded. if the prey cannot be eaten by the Baby Hammerhead Shark, the shark will keep it stunned until the main shark moves out of range or if the player is able to consume it.

It also grants more stamina.


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