This shark has nuclear waste running through its veins.
— In-game description.

The Atomic Shark is the second newest shark to be added being succeeded by the Zombie shark. It is the smallest (!!) shark with the lowest health.


The Atomic shark is similar to the Tiger Shark but seems to have gone through a radioactive science experiment. Its jaw has differently sized teeth all its mouth. The shark has four legs instead of fins and has green rods pointing into it. It has green eyes. An Enenmy Atomic Shark has been discovered in the sewers of the South China Sea.


Due to its small size it can go into the swimming pool in Pacific Islands and small tunnels larger sharks can't fit through. It is the only shark with the ability to actually "walk" on land. Toxic barrels that damage other sharks charge it up making it swim faster and he also doesn't lose health and his multiplier while charged up. Also it's the only shark that can eat red jellyfish.


  • Doesn't take beaching damager
  • Travels on land very quicky
  • Has the most potent bite
  • Only one that can eat red jellyfish
  • Doesn't take damage from toxic substances
  • Can fit through smaller cracks than others


  • Has fairly quick health drain
  • Not much health for sharks its size
  • Loses multiplier fairly quickly

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