Army choppers are mini-bosses that appear in Hungry Shark World. Unlike regular choppers, Army Choppers have a military green color instead of white, shoot missiles, and lack a Glutwell Corp icon. Despite this, they are still probably made by Glutwell due to the fact that they are army choppers and Glutwell owns a Military Base in the Arctic Ocean.

IMG 4884

An army chopper as it appears on the missions screen


Army Choppers can be found throughout the Arctic Ocean, Arabian Sea and South China Sea. The areas where they can be found include the Military Base, Village, Kempy's Fortress, Beach, Oil Rig, Shanty Town, City, and Dock Yard. They won't appear in the Pacific Islands map

How to defeat it

Army Choppers are similar to deep sea subs when it comes to destruction. You can ram into it for a few seconds to destroy it. This may be difficult to do due to the constant missiles that army choppers shoot. Another way to kill them is by boosting into them in mega gold rush or super size mode, as you can one-shot them. Another similarity between deep sea subs and army choppers in terms of destruction is that !! sharks can't destroy them in a single hit like single man subs or regular choppers. Yet another way to defeat it is to use Buzz. Buzz can latch onto submarines and choppers and destroy them easily. Use boost to increase the damage dealt to it.


  • When you boost into them, they will start to emit smoke. This is the same for regular choppers.
  • Using a jetpack is the most efficient way to destroy Army Choppers.

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