A Top-Secret Lab Shark is Proposed. It Can Launch Ultra Mines, Mega Mines and Mines in Eating. and Expected to be Released in Expo 2020 Update.


A Shark Will be A New Update 8.19 Will Be Soon!!!


The Alien Shark has a Blue on a Down and Aqua on a Up


  1. Shark Will Also Becoming a Update for 8.19 Soon!!!


More Preys to Eat!!!


Mission Target Reward
Space!!! Eat 5 Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds 50 Gems
Special Shark Preys!!! Eat Any 10 Enemy Special Sharks 60 Gems
Born Survivor Survive for 1 Hour!!! 100 Gems
16 Seals!!! Eat 16 Seal Pups 120 Gems
Lion Tamer Eat 10 Lion Fishes 200 Gems
Shark Tank!!! Eat Any 1,000 Enemy Sharks 250 Gems
R and T Snappy Eat 5 Mr. Snappys 400 Gems
Underlines Points Earn a Score of 1 Billion 900 Gems
Highest Score!!! Earn a Score of 2 Billion 1,000 Gems
Spicy Take Away Eat Any 2,000 Enemy Sharks 1,500 Gems
Wow!!! Eat Any 1 Million Fishes 1,500 Gems

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