"A bio-engineered super shark, sent to Earth by an advanced alien race to wreak revenge on mankind." - In game description

Alan, Destroyer of Worlds is the fourth newest (Newest three being Pyro shark, Natasha the Narwhal, and Moby Dick), second strongest, second fastest, second most powerful, and second most expensive playable creature in Hungry Shark Evolution, being introduced in Update 3.7.0. Moby Dick dwarves Alan in all of these stats. It is based off of the highly-requested Frilled Shark. Alan, Destroyer of Worlds is smaller than Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus) by 2 meters.

Alan, Destroyer of Worlds can be bought with Coins after the player unlocks and grows Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus) to full size.

It needs 175000 points to trigger Gold Rush.


Alan, Destroyer of Worlds can be bought for 350,000 coins or 900 gems.

Pros & Cons


  • Very high speed (moves even faster while under Gold Rush).
  • Extreme biting power.
  • Achieves a Gold Rush multiplier of x112.
  • Smaller than large sharks.
  • Extremely broad diet (with some exceptions such as Volcanic Jets and Toxic Barrels).
  • Tail can stun prey. Like the Laser & the Ice Baby, stunned prey yield x2 points when eaten.


  • Expensive for buying and upgrading.
  • Massive health drain without Alan Junior.
  • Missions are extremely hard to complete.
  • Level up very slowly


Alan, Destroyer of Worlds' missions are the second hardest in the game and probably the only reason to do them is to unlock the super mission, because 4,250 coins is very small amount of cash at this time, but from completing the super mission you gain 75,000 coins.

Name Objective Reward
David & Goliath Eat 10 Big Daddies 4,250 coins
Snap! Eat 5 Mr. Snappies 4,250 coins
That's Spicy! Destroy 350 mines 4,250 coins
Never Ending Survive for 30 minutes 4,250 coins
Empty The Ocean Eat 500 things within a minute 4,250 coins
Air Superiority Eat 50 flying vehicles 4,250 coins
Shark Hunter Eat 400 Enemy Sharks 4,250 coins
Stars Destroyed Eat 250 Stars 4,250 coins
Super Mission 9 Score over 150,000,000 points

75,000 coins




  • AlanEasterEgg

    Alan's Easter egg in Hungry Shark World.

    Alan, Destroyer of Worlds is based on the Deep Sea Frilled Shark.
  • Alan currently has the second highest health in the game, and it goes far above the rest of the playable sharks, aside from Moby Dick, beating Alan at a total health of 750.
  • Alan's tail can stun approaching prey as strong as an Evil Hammerhead Shark or Enemy Electro Shark.
  • Alan's appearance is very reminiscent to Stitch from the Disney animated film, Lilo & Stitch, which could have been an inspiration to its design prior to its eyes, teeth, and color scheme.

    The location of the Easter egg.

    • Its face is also similar to Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon series.
  • Alan is one of the four sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution that has a gender-based name. This one has a masculine name,Moby Dick has a masculine name, the Big Daddy is referred to as a "daddy" and Mr. Snappy has "Mr." in his name.
    • Coincidentally, they are the four strongest sharks in the game.
  • Alan's length is highly exaggerated, being 15.8 meters longer than its real one (2.2 meters).
  • Even if Alan is dead, its tail can still stun prey it touches .
  • Fully upgrading Alan costs over 600k, so beware, and start saving those coins.
  • There is an Easter Egg in Hungry Shark World that shows Alan in the background.
  • The alien dimension could be Alan's home

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