The bow tie, and baseball cap give that many points

If it used decimals:

Fish: 10.5

Sardines: 5.25

Humans: 210

Swimmer: 105

Diver: 315

Enemy Reef Shark: 262.5

Blob Fish: 525

Ray: 262.5

Angler Fish: 210

Lion Fish: 126

Hammerhead Shark: 262.5

Gulper Eel: 1050

Electro Shark: 2100

Puffer Fish: 94.5

Blue Jellyfish: 26.25

Enemy Great White: 4200

Flying Great White: 8400

Enemy Megalodon: 10500

Green Jellyfish: 52.5

Purple Jellyfish: 105

Mini Mine: 52.5

Mega Mine: 105

Enemy Dunkleosteus: 15750

Death Mine: 131.25

Torpedo: 52.5

Enemy Mr. Snappy: 21000

Enemy Alan Destroyer of Worlds: 26250

Enemy Moby Dick: 31500

Please edit if wrong information.

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